Notice Given

Sat down with not my direct supervisor, as he took a 2 day vacation but with the next up the chain and told him due to personal reasons, maintaining dual households, continued employment at the ghetto company is not possible.  So my last day, unless things change, will be 08/01.

Mixed feelings of course. A sense of liberation from a company whose working environment is not good and who really doesn’t need 2 linguists on staff (spend lots of time idle), but also the sobering thought of making myself unemployed…

It may also be for the best.  Learned the ghetto company is in more trouble that I had thought.  Its main customer has cut it off from bidding on any new business unlit the ghetto company gets its act together.  That doesn’t mean the doors shut now, but once the contracts run out…. And then there’s the new business the ghetto company is trying to get and not doing a good job of executing….Was told if that falls through and the main customer does not give them any new business, the doors will probably be shut for good.

I’ve written about the reasons I see as to why and perhaps there’s yet another reason, which contradicts a bit what I’ve said before; that the people here in general just don’t see the need to change their ways which reflects in the running of the university nearby, the hotel where I am staying (they’ve been very nice to me but they could do so much better) and how the people at the ghetto company perform.

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