Independence Day

A very, rare cool one too for these parts.

My respite from the ghetto company is drawing to a close and after thought while away, I have decided to give notice when I return (so then why return?  That would be a bit cold) even though at this point, I have no prospects of employment here at home.

I’m not bothered by the thought, at least not now.  I have asked myself about the many issues that have come with working at the ghetto company and if I see any prospect of improvement for any of them, and the answer to each and every questions is ‘no’, So like a bad marriage, which this has been, why continue on; bearing crosses is not my thing.

Its been nice to be back. Besides being home, its nice to see folks who aren’t bloated liked a walrus, have more on their mind than picking on fellow employees and aren’t the boring, plain vanilla Caucasian white as most of the population around the ghetto company is.

I have looked around and saw a posting near where son unit is, a bilingual sales rep for a company called Toyota Tsusho, but the offered salary was ridiculously low.  And this is not an outlier.  Similar bilingual jobs come with salaries that are very low, too low IMHO as the person filling them can speak 2 languages

The photo below is one taken as we cross into VA, the Eastern Shore of VA from Maryland on taking the long way back home, which was a disaster given the traffic on I 64 & I 95.  The sign has been there for as long as I can remember and in this age of PC,  am amazed it still stands.


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2 Responses to Independence Day

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    It’s always nice to see familiar things isn’t it.

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