Home at Last, Home at Last, Thank God Almighty I’m Home at Last

Good-bye ghetto company! at least for the coming week and think about what to do next.

Quick trip to son unit’s domicile to stay a night and he was the attentive, solicitous host, then off early the next morning, him leaving for work and me off through 3 states to get back home.



(Some learned habits are never lost)



(Start the day off at the Evil Empire)


(Nice to see this sign)


(Getting Closer)


(Home, does it look so ever sweet home)


As to the ghetto company, there was the thought of just e-mailing them to say, I was done with them, but that would be a bit too cold.  At the same time as I drove, went through the issues I face by continuing to work there and asked myself if in time the situation would get any better and the answer to all of them is ‘no’, so that is my answer.

Will return to ghetto company in a week, but on return, wilt el them I will work through July, but after that, I am done with them.

And what I see now is…..


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