Head Shakin’ Again

Mid-morning today at the ghetto company came an announcement over the PA that first responders were needed at one of the work stations on the production floor. Knew it was a medical emergency of some sort, but stayed put at my desk; after all, what could I do but get in the way.

But finally, I have to confess, my curiosity got the better of me and walked out onto the production floor to the work area and saw one of the employees prone on the floor, eyes closed, being attended to.

As I stood at a distance watching one of the Japanese assignees came up to ask what was going on and at the same time the HR manager came and said the person had collapsed due to a medical condition, which we were specifically told of.

Now first, I don’t know how widespread the person who collapsed medical condition is known around the ghetto company- the person’s direct supervisor knew prior, but from my past experience in large corporations, I am surprised the HR person would so freely let those who may not know, and really have no business to know, know about another employee’s health condition; that is supposed to be private information.

In defense, a weak defense, one could say the ghetto company being a very small company,  its more of a ‘we are family’ environment and that in being so, the ‘word’ will get around away.


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