What Can I Say?

Here’s more for a day at the ghetto company while waiting for the Friday night jazz fest  at the hotel to start.

We the unfortunate souls in the  ghetto company, all have to wear a hideous 2-piece  uniform, so hideous, I wouldn’t bury my worst enemy in it, while on the job.   Unlike most, I wear a dress shirt over which I put on the white tunic and then button the 3 or four buttons on the bottom up.

This afternoon, a person, not my direct supervisor and not a Japanese, came up to me as I was on my way to sit in on a meeting to tell me it was company rules that all buttons save for the topmost have to be kept buttoned.

Right. I wasn’t given an employee handbook to read /sign, but I looked over one on the on-line public files, and I do not recall such written down. If someone wants to call me out for that, hey go for it;   I am seriously considering walking away from this nuthouse anyway. There are workplace rules and then there are rules with no other purpose but to control for control’s sake. And with all the serious problems this company has worrying about how many buttons are buttoned should be way, way, way down the list.

Earlier, in the morning,  one of the Japanese assignees came up to the desk with his laptop in hand asking me to tell him what the Japanese meaning was of some English, which was in an e-mail sent from an American co-worker in the same island of desks. Expecting some business correspondence, I took the laptop and this is the unadulterated, verbatim quote of what was in the e-mail:

“Get the fuck out of here.”

And I was asked to explain what this means in Japanese. ……. Now what I could, perhaps should have done was simply deflected and said I didn’t know what the Japanese language equivalent is.   I do however (for better or worse) know a very direct Japanese equivalent of what was in the e-mail and told the Japanese assignee what the English meant.   Expected the assignee to get very, very annoyed but he laughed it off a bit. Told him this is really not acceptable language in a business that it was very unprofessional and if it were I, I would be very unhappy.




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