Who is Asking?

I stand out from all in this small, ghetto company.  Instead of coming to working already dressed as a worker in a mental health facility (the company uniform- which I wouldn’t bury my worst enemy in) I enter and leave the premises dressed in business causal.  I am my own man coming in and leaving  and its a job, not a good one as I am finding out, but a job.

I do not have tattoos, or beard (it seems to me the men here grow beards as men in some South Pacific tribe keep gourds around their penises), do not smoke – as nearly all employees, men & women do.  I keep my hair neatly combed and in general, do not really associate with anyone else in the common area.  Not out of any active dislike, they have just with nothing in common with me or I with them.

Upon leaving yesterday and passing through the common area on my way to the car, a person, who I have not seen before, stopped me and asked what my job was.  The immediate and suppressed reaction was ‘Why do you need to know?’  but just curtly said I was a translator.


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2 Responses to Who is Asking?

  1. Well normally I would say, hey give them a chance, they’re probably good people with rough edges. But that comment about the women needing a diaper bag because they didn’t know what to do with a broken machine was surprising and misogynistic and low.

    I have worked in factories back in CT (when they had factories) and the people were OK. Perhaps the Midwest really is different, but then again, from what I’ve read here, these people are treated miserably by this company. It sounds more like a prison than a job.

  2. That’s why I refer to this as I do. Its ghetto through and through.

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