Can’t Wait to See What Tomorrow Brings

A couple of posts down, I wrote about trouble the ghetto company is having in delivering on its promise to a new customer and this too hasn’t gotten any better.

The new customer has demanded more samples for evaluation. In one case, a number of known to be out of spec parts were taken and hand worked to make them into spec (like the new customer isn’t going to see the remnants of the hand work under a microscope) and submit to the new customer for further evaluation. The Americans threw up their hands at this and disowned the whole business.

Now the machines the ghetto company bought for this project, probably an investment of over a million dollars, have been idle for the past 2 days.  Today in the afternoon, with whatever communications between the ghetto company and its parent and the new customer, the end of the string seemed to have been reached.  As I left for the day, overheard there’d be a meeting with the new customer later on in the evening, perhaps to settle this on-going issue once and for all.

The question would be though, which way?




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