The Move

It’s a bit weird now that son unit is no longer in this collection of houses that is very generously called a town/village that happens to host a university.  As I passed by what is now his former apt. on the way back, Sunday, noticed a new tenant is already there.

In the continuing learning process aka life, discovered securing a moving vehicle to rent, that the final weekend in May is at least here, the busiest of the year for U-Haul with people moving to and away from here.  Saw a couple of walk-ins turned away.

Thought perhaps as they parted ways, his roommate for the past year would give him a hug, but not even a handshake-son unit says she’s not that type. In a hush, hush voice she commented to me on the large size (“..they’re whales.”) of the 2 women who have moved into the unit below…..had to bite my tongue as former roommate isn’t exactly svelte herself.

Son unit did a good, conscientious job of cleaning up his part of the apt, image (51)and wasn’t very sentimental-guess his mind was on what lay ahead- about leaving it.  Was impressed to by the U-Haul agent with who we reserved the van. I told her we’d be moving a studio apt out and initially thought the 9-foot van we were given was going to be too large, but in the end we only had a little bit of space to spare when we were done packing.image (52)

image (54) blogGot on the road a bit later than son unit probably wanted, image (60)but then all we had to do was get there before the rental office in Georgetown closed. Was surprised at bit at the traffic volume on I 75, especially around Cincinnati, but after the minor, annoying delays, we were across the river and on our way.IMG_1201



IMG_1202Arriving at the apt. complex, which is but 2.+ something miles from where he now works (dream commute?) , he checked in, signed the lease &  got his keys, image (55)then we unloaded.  I had/still have concerns over safety, about a 1st floor unit, especially as his unit faces onto a public road, which just a row of bushes and a rail fence between, but at the same time, after hauling all his stuff from that 2nd floor unit (rat hole) he lived in, hauling all of it up to another 2nd floor unit would have to have waited for the following day, at least for me.

Son unit assumed I would only be there for the one night, but discovered there was much shopping and suggestions on what to get the following day as well as clean up that took up almost all of Saturday. image (58)image (59)And there was the obligatory shot to be taken at where he is now working, so there was value in having me around for another day.IMG_1213

Sunday was a very early,  & coffee-less (son unit does not drink coffee) & breakfast-less start for me as I had to get the rental vehicle back to where it came from before 9 am and with a 3 +hour facing me, up and on my way before the chickens or most everything else was up.0601140515 Got in with a bit of time to spare and needing coffee and something to eat.  Did not notice the Panera and instead swallowed hard and settled for a Bob Evans.  image (56)They are both McFoods, with a menu and servings determined by some anonymous, corporate committee when you think about it, but Panera is the lesser of the two evils.



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  1. Interesting little story and good pics—you’re such a good dad!

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