Pound Salt has Crossed the Line

Bro  pound salt has  not hesitated to add his less than  cents of opinion into many things including how wife unit & I run our family.

He’s particularly focused on how we have and continue to treat or son, calling us helicopter parents for the things we  do for him, like helping him move.

After all the excitement of moving had quested down, on Saturday night, I sent an email out to all in the family, whose e-mail address I had, letting then know son unit’s mailing address.

That prompted a ‘ He cannot do that for himself’?’ response to which I wrote back that his opinions are neither welcomed or valued here.  which has put him in a snit.

Do I care? No, I do not.  I have never made it my business to comment on how others I the family decided to run their families and while familial advice is sometimes a good thing,  when it becomes hectoring…..


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