An Observation From Son Unit

In the 24 or so hours we’ve  been here, we’ve bounced from store to store and son unit’s apt, while taking shape is still a bit of a wreck.

In he very short time we’ve been here,  I’ve noticed that unlike Ohio, or “real America as bro pound salt refers to it,  there are notcabliy fewer people here in this part of Kentucky who are grossly or so overweight they could be mistaken as offspring of Jabba the Hutt.

Son unit’s observation was that afer 4 years of living  in Ohio, he said its a rather depressing place with little else to do but eat and drink alcohol.

Which is what I too seem to see.







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3 Responses to An Observation From Son Unit

  1. Ohio is “real” America, oh dear that explains a lot then *grin*

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