Back to Bitching & Obessing about the Ghetto Company

I’d be out on the hotel’s patio right now, that flows out from the bar, and with me being nearly the only guest now,  its pure 贅沢  ,but as the area is being soaked by a line of thunderstorms……..the rain is needed though, so I sit in the hotel room…..

Was waiting on the plant floor today for others to come and then me do some interpreting and observed 2 women at a robot-assisted workstation, where something hadn’t quite gone right and they were wondering what to do.

A man, perhaps in a supervisory position remarked to me that he should have brought a diaper bag, which elicited a huh?  from me.  A diaper bag he said was needed as the women were acting so helpless-like babies, he felt he needed to wipe their butts.

Asked him why the women were so ill-prepared to deal with emergencies and he just shrugged.  If the women are so ill-equipped believe its his or somebody’s job to better train them.  But then this company wants its plant workers not to think but just do as they are told, like robots.

Speaking of which the ghetto company is now in the process of putting in robots to replace line workers at some work stations.  The idea is to remove the human element for better product quality.  Again they are just so wrong.

They do need to get their act together.  A document I translated today, comments from their main customer, shows they have been put on notice about product quality.


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2 Responses to Back to Bitching & Obessing about the Ghetto Company

  1. The condescending attitude of “managers” who are interested in bossing around while patting themselves on the back is something that irks me to no end.

  2. The basic attitude of the mangers towards the employees, and believe me, I am not fan/friend of organized labor, is something that is the root of the ghetto company’s issues, one the ghetto company is now trying to “fix” by putting in more robots, and one I think unless changed will get them into deep, deep trouble in a few years

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