No, I don’t Bitch/Obsess About the Ghetto company All the Time

With a 3-day respite from the ghetto company,  and very little to do (when I was working in NYC, finding something to do was easy; the next adventure/surprise could be just around the next block), decided to drive into Indiana on the Lincoln Highway, the first east-west paved road in the U.S.

The route, the original route that is marked perhaps every mile by these


As you travel the route, you go through small towns, now by-passed by U.S. Route 30 (like a visual of the town on the movie, Cars)  like this one, called Van Wert, in Ohio that still has its own Americana.

IMG_1189Now about this photo.


Saw  this in an antique store in Van wert.  I understand the historical facet of this: this was probably someone’s war trophy, but this bothered me.  Had I the asking price- $399, I would have bought it and promptly burned the foul thing- in front of the store perhaps.

Indiana, or what saw of it, was none too impressive, so rather than waste more gas (especially high for the Memorial Day weekend) I turned around.


Stopped for lunch here, a holdover from a day when fast food was ordered from and brought to your car.


I think I’ll have….



A burger.


Which was OK, but don’t think I’d make another  stop there.

Last there was this:


I take pride in knowing my cars, but this one is a mystery to me.  I guess its pre- or immediately a post-war Detroit pickup



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