Anal Retentive

My direct supervisor called me out into a hall to speak to me.  Someone had reported to HR about my ‘sinful’ glass of water on my desk.

Personally he said, he could care less, but as it was pit on HR’s radar,  to please knock it off.

Now this  ghetto company, which is one of Honda’s worst suppliers in terms of product quality,  has consistent problems meeting its production targets without spending hours & hours on overtime, has to expedite parts from China & Japan (and one day, someone in Japan may wake up and wonder if parts are being expedited from Japan & China, then why do we need this factory in Ohio?) . Has a high employee turnover rate, i.e., can’t keep people, who I see as pretty much unmotivated and passive aggressively lashing back.

And a cup of water is something to get someone’s underwear tied up in knots?


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