Another WTF?! Moment

Late yesterday afternoon, I overhear that there is an issue with a series of new machines which have proven themselves very difficult.

Once thought tamed, they were yesterday, for an unknown reason, spewing out bad parts.  So the question the engineer who sat nearby and partly responsible for the machines asked aloud was, Why haven’t these machines been stopped until the problem discovered and then corrected?

The answer given was a  resigned”I dunno” shrug and the machines were left to continue to spew out bad parts while the engineers worked to find and correct the problem.

During dinner with son unit, who last summer also worked for a Honda supplier, a different one thank God,  asked what would have happened had any machine started to turn out bad parts.  He said the machine/s in question would have been shut down until the problem was found and fixed. Not doing so was a waste of people’s time and materials, he said.

And I’ve signed on to this ghetto company.  Believe me, I am looking hard for an exit.







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