Why Can’t You Just Go Out and Have Some Fun, Damnmit?

Yesterday was the end of classes apparently.  Was invited last night to a newly openly pizza place (pizza seems to be one of the staple food sources here) where a coworker was playing drums

Figured Friday might, the place would be hopping and if son unit came along, maybe he’d meet somebody….  He preferred to stay in the over-sized walk-in closet he calls his apt.

Turned out he made the right call; the place was , well,….  So took the order back to his place and as we ate he said he first wasn’t  interested in going  as he would be leaving the state for Kentucky soon and his new life, so why start looking for a relationship now. Also he said,  the place wasn’t hopping as it was end of classes and people on campus would be partying elsewhere, basically he said, getting hammered.  For example,  there would be last night, any number of houses where you could walk in  have some drinks, decide to stay or move on., he told me

So, why not, I said, go out with some of your buddies?  You might meet someone, hook up, have a good time.  His answer was that getting senselessly ‘hammered’  and the whole scene wasn’t for him.

Not sure if he’s socially awkward, too analytical  or a bit too mature for his own age, but Id really like to see him get out of that walk-in closet and have some fun.





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2 Responses to Why Can’t You Just Go Out and Have Some Fun, Damnmit?

  1. Wow, reminds me of High School / College years… Sometimes, it’s just a matter of finding the right “circle” of friends to help crack the shell.

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