The Gentleman Within

On weekends, I shop in Columbus for food that is more fit for human consumption than the cattle slop the vending machines in the area designated the cafeteria. And in doing so, buy a couple of items for son unit.

Today was no different save being cited by a highway patrolman for speeding ($105!!!), and delivered the stuff to son unit.

While there, the girl who he shares it with –nothing romantic, she has her boyfriend- came out with an outfit she is going to wear outside tonight, and she asked son unit if the outfit, which she has not had on for a while she said, still looks OK.

I noticed the beginning of a muffin top on the sides and bulge in the front, but son unit just said, ‘it looks OK’

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2 Responses to The Gentleman Within

  1. Ah, the survival instinct kicking in…

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