Friday & Its Time to Clear the Mind

That fictitious device in Harry Potter, the pensive I believe would be very nice in real life; being able to extract thoughts, memories from the mind to clear and cleanse it….its been one of those days….

So I sit in the room tonight with a Knob Creek bourbon, which I am not supposed to have: but to hell with that and total denial, on the rocks, but a bit too much of that. I guess I should have just ordered it neat.

At the end of the day I was once again thrown into a meeting in progress and expected to interpret.. No frickin way, jack. Sat silent for most of it, not out of spite, but simply I had no frickin idea of what was going on.

Rain for most of the day and forced myself through a walk on the plant floor for exercise. While walking, saw a bucket on the floor into which water from the ceiling was dripping into. Asked a line worker if this happens all the time, told yes and that there were 2 other buckets stationed close by.

Walking along saw this as well, which if not clear enough, is a collapsed shipping container left not only in a place that is to be kept clear, but also the space leading to an emergency exit!

image (34)

So what is it with this company I find myself employed at?! The eating area is untidy, like stuff left on tables, tables unwiped, the locker rooms, like today, have stuff strewn on the floor, and I don’t want start on the toilets, at least the men’s.

I find it hard to believe the people who work here are as sloppy as slovenly as uncaring as the stuff I see around me every day would otherwise indicate they are. And for the sake of argument, let’s say most of the people here are near the bottom of the employment barrel. Then the overarching questions is why can’t this company attract anyone else but?

Seems to me there is a very deep-seated issue, most likely management related behind all this and I’ve thrown my lot in with these folks……..

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