Couple of recent observations about work.  During one informal meeting in which I was there to interpret, one of the engineers was doing a lot of explaining  in English, far from perfect English, but he was trying his best.  The other Japanese, who is here more permanently told him to stop trying to use his English and speak in Japanese as I was there.  I get it  about using resources, that sort of attitude doesn’t help the march of real 国際化 does it?
In the translation work I have on production problems; which has all the intellectual stimulation of digging a 2 ft wide, 3 ft deep trench for 50 yds,  the answer to many issues is putting a sensor in place; as was in an issue on the floor yesterday.  There was a simple case of someone (in Japan) having a brain fart, so put a sensor on the machine here to catch the rare ones.  Remarked that is the solution for any and all 不具合s a sensor?  Was told, and I also get it, that a sensor removes the human and has repeatability, but that sure doesn’t click with what I learned at in Japan.
Tomorrow will be exactly 30 days since taking on this gig…..
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