Welcome to Small Town America

Its Easter Sunday, or rather now, the end of it, and this town literally has been shut tighter than a small, rusted bolt in annoying hard to get place. Perhaps the McDonald’s was open but that….. Saw an exchange student walking on campus late in the afternoon felt sorry for her as she and other foreign students like her have even less options.

Did my weekly shopping weekday lunch in Columbus again and decided since I have never eaten there, try a nearby White Castle burger. That was a mistake. Didn’t finish the meal and I’ve felt awful for the past several hours as I guess the garbage I ingested has to work through the system. Never again White Castle, never again.

Yesterday, traveled to the defunct prison which served as location for the movies, The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One. Very creeeepy, creepy place.

IMG_1150 (1)

Abandon hope all ye who enter.


The safe in the warden’s office.


Brooks was here.  A room in the prison was used as the flophouse room.


Andy’s ‘tunnel’


What the cell blocks really look like.

And there was a B & B I wanted to check out on the way back today, discovered in now for sale for: http://www.homesteps.com/address/408-N-Main-St-Kenton-OH-43326/42433683_lid

It’ll be interesting to discover why the price. It’d be an easy 3 or 4 million in DC.

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