Good Friday

Yes it is and this teeny ‘burg is shut tighter than an annoying small, rusted bolt in a hard to get at place. I am what passes for faux Starbucks across from the university, which is filled with kids who for various reasons, can’t or don’t want to go home for the 3-day Easter break., many of whom are foreign exchange students.

This is very, very different from very secular Washington DC and its suburbs. According to brother Pound Salt, this is the “Real America”, not the “secular, multi-ethnic, politically correct cesspool” as he describes Washington, DC

So I am off today, but with everything pretty much shut down, not much to do or anywhere to go I might just as well be at work; at least I’d have something to do to occupy my time.

A postscript to the last posting. I mentioned what happened to son unit, who was both bemused and ‘Dad, what were you thinking?!’ amazed.

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