They Haven’t a Clue

Yesterday, another frustrating day, I was plopped into 3 different meetings with no preamble of why or what.

In one meeting, a meeting with executives from the head office in Japan, about the manufacturing problems this pace seems to have (they’ve been told to up their game), one exec from Japan opined that the root cause of many of the manufacturing mistakes lies with the employees, due to lack of motivation or proper attitude.

With only 3 weeks here, I couldn’t agree more, but the difference lies in that the Japanese staff haven’t taken the last mental step (the Toyota 5 whys?) to ask why the employees aren’t motivated enough to care.

There are things I have observed one the factory floor and elsewhere that are manifestations of passive-aggressive pushback.

Like this



And this

image (24)


In the men’s locker room.

This, the spillover tray on one of the water coolers in  the eating area (the other was just as bad).


And this, the inside of one of the microwave ovens…

image (25)

Or this in one of the men’s lavatories. 

image (23)

Low pay may be one factor, the sensless rules I believe are another.  You get what you pay for and if you treat adults as children, they will act as children.  If you treat an adult as an adult they will generally act as adults.

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