Serial Scofflaw

Believe  have mentioned the various rules/restrictions on working where I am. Yesterday, I learned there’s a twist.

All employees, regardless of where they work, are not allowed to have anything to drink/eat at their workstation, be it a machine, assembly area  or desk in the office except water.

Now I have gone to the water cooler from time to time to fill a plastic cup with water, take it back to my desk.  Yesterday, as I passed a woman whose job sees unclear save she  sits at a desk and says nothing to anyone throughout the day, broke her silence to tell me open containers of water, like cups, are also banned.

Mentioned this to a co-worker and told it was worse in previous years; even family pictures were banned from desks.

Now rules  have a purpose when they make sense. But then there are rules like this which remind me of the silliness the Chinese suffered under during the so-called Great Cultural Revolution.  Rules such as these are rules for control, nothing else.

To put it another way, if adults are treated as children, they will act like children.  If adults are treated as adults, they will generally act as adults.

Small wonder I  do not, as I have in previous jobs, wake up in the morning, ready and willing to go to work.

Have to keep repeating to myself ‘Its a salaried job, its a salaried job’

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4 Responses to Serial Scofflaw

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I’m not allowed to eat at my desk but then I’m the receptionist so it makes sense as it would not be very professional to greet visitors or answer the phone with my mouth full. Our office policies & procedures manual also states that anyone working at the reception desk (me and my relief people) can only have drinks in “covered containers” – no-one abides by that. We used to have to ask “permission” to display things in cubicles but it was mostly so the company was not sued by someone being offended by what their neighbor might hang. Now we’re all better trained (:-) ) on what’s suitable and what’s not …

    • Your employer must be especially strict or the places I’ve worked at or been at have been especially slack as your case to me seems an outlier. And I do get restrictions of personal effects in the office/cubicle, f’r example a calendar with scantily clad you ladies is not acceptable no matter (well almost) one works at. But a blanket ban of photos of one’s family in the immediate workspace? As is said, c’mon man!

      • Aussie Emjay says:

        Yeah, the no-photo rule is pretty awful! We spend so much time at work it’s nice to have a few personal things around us – especially photos that remind us we do have a life outside the office. I have photos of my kids all over the desk.

        We’re a very conservative company – we even have a dress code! But I actually agree about the no-eating at the reception desk – I think it sounds & looks awful when you’re greeted by a receptionist with her mouth full of food! It’s not a rule for everyone else in the office – they can eat themselves silly (& fat) all day at their desks.

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