Sticking Out Like a Sore Thumb

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Like the car

I sit by myself at lunch eating a meal I have either prepared from the hotel’s commentary breakfast, or something thrown together from the shopping forays I have made to Columbus. Those who surround me bring in “food” they’ve slopped together on their own or buy stuff out of the vending machines. Either way its “food” I wouldn’t give to a dog. Mostly tattooed, some Jabba The Hutt look-alikes in terms of build, and among them are those with very well-developed smoker’s coughs. Just as there are circles of Hell, there are various circles here in Ohio, I guess.  Just trying to figure out which one I am in.

The workforce is mostly white many women on the line, with a smattering of blacks, an east Asian woman and one Korean woman. Looking at some public files, see the pay scale for the hourlys isn’t very impressive: $8.something an hour to start with a max of $12+.

Despite this company being a Honda supplier, see very few of them on the lot. Mostly Detroit makes and gasp!, a Hyundai or two.

The company has made self-denial and spartanism, values to suffer by, yet a look into a travel file shows the Japanese man who got this venture off the ground likes to be squired back and forth from the nearest large town in a stretch limo………….

At HOME, before I left, wife unit had me change the password to our home computer   in the event she takes on a lodger and wants, naturally, computer security. But somehow, yesterday, the Windows Blue Screen of Death appeared, the computer shut down and now she can’t find or remember (nor can I) the changed password. Holy hoisted one’s petard, Batman!


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