Pay Check In Hand

Well another week down and this time there’s a paycheck for it. Saw there was $19. and sumthin’ deducted for the village tax. Have heard of village idiots, but a village tax?

Also there’s been a denouement in the toilet wars. On Thursday night, during a shift after I had left for the day, writing on one of the men’s toilet’s mirrors was discovered and it was a bomb threat. Naturally the building was evacuated and machinery shut down, production disrupted, and so on. This time the culprit was found and as I suspected he supposedly has a list of personal issues; deaths in the family, etc. Thinking about it yesterday, I am glad he decided to take his troubles with life out on the toilet stall walls as he could have very well brought a firearm to work that evening and…….. A chilling thought. But I do hope this person is getting counseling and I hope that whatever life throws my way doesn’t cause me to fall so low that I lash out that way.

In the middle of the week, I was once again plunked in the middle of an on-going meeting with Japanese resident engineers and American staff, without a needed how, what or why. This annoys me greatly as struggling  to get on the same page makes me look incompetent and unprofessional. Later I was taken out on the production floor, shown the process that was under discussion, and then there was the ‘Oh, I get it’ moment.


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