Approaching Hump Day

One interesting facet of this job is that there is much local interaction with the Japanese staff  to witness and sometimes things go… Yesterday, a local was pulling an assignee’s leg a bit in English to the point the Japanese man uttered a word which clearly indicated he had become very, very annoyed. Had thought about taking the American aside and telling him that while he may have meant no harm he had greatly irritated his Japanese colleague, but didn’t.

The down side of the day. The office shares restrooms with the folks working on the assembly line. Well, someone from the night shift took a marker and apparently ran riot through the men’s lavatory nearest us.



That lavatory s now unusable pending an investigation, inconveniencing us. Bro Pound Salt often calls the DC area a “multicultural cesspool” and this part of the U.S. the “Real America” but at least in the DC ‘cesspool’ adults act like adults.

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