The Toilet Wars Continue

The yesterday closed toilet is today; open for “business” but it also sported this.

image (18)


Then in another men’s toilet was this,


A very unhappy, unfulfilled person, no? But I say unhappiness like happiness is relative. Take my neighbor at home, across the street. His wife has Lou Gehrig’s disease and it seems to have progressed to a point where she now needs 24 -7 care. Yet despite all of this, the husband when we have met on the street, always manages a hearty hello and will stop and talk a bit.

So in light if this person’s problems, have the strong hunch whatever the anguished soul who wrote that on the toilet wall is dealing with pales by comparison.

Also noticed in the outside smoking area, there were a large number of employees taking a smoke break; had a visual of the crew of The Ship of The Damned. Again, a very marked difference between where I have lived and here and its not a pleasant one.

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4 Responses to The Toilet Wars Continue

  1. If I worked in a place that insulted employees with signs like that first one, I’d go on smoke breaks too. Unbelievable. And probably not legal.

  2. It may be legal, or at least it was. There’s a book I recently read titled ‘A Savage Factory’ chronicling the bad old days at a Ford transmission plant, and in it as part of an on-going feud with its hourly workers, the doors on the bathroom stalls were removed.

  3. Aussie Emjay says:

    I find it bad enough that there are large gaps between doors & frames in most of the cubicles in this country!

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