More Thoughts from the Hinterland

Yes, I’d say in part this young lady in the last post doesn’t have a clue, though I was chided by a former coworker who I shared this with, that I shouldn’t be criticizing the young lady for trying to kick up this teeny burg’s sense of fashion up a notch.

See a method too. She had her thigh high boots hiked up and skirt showing a bit of leg, plus she’s got enough make up so perfectly in pace that I’ll bet it takes her 20 minutes to put all on. Why, to catch some make student’s attention. Frankly, no matter the attraction, I’d be wary of her, shows to me a bit of extravagance which I could see being a problem should such become the spouse.

My cultural shock is that palatable? Cultural wasteland? Couldn’t be that much different from where I came from. Conversation tends to be dull with vocabulary limited to words of 2 syllables or less.

I guessed-correctly too- that while this company is a tier one supplier to Honda, the people, especially those working on the factory floor are not the most concentric billiard balls in the rack. Indeed I was told today they had to go so far as to hire from a local drug rehab center.

The working environment reflects this. The toilets are such that one wants to get in and out as quickly as they physically can.

No cafeteria per se, just vending machines offering “food” I wouldn’t feed to a dog. Spotted at both of the water coolers the spillover trays which looked (warning disgusting picture ahead)



More than this, employees just went to the cooler, got their water and moved on. WTF?!!!   No one sees this biological colony growing, or cares? This says something about the people who work there, what I haven’t yet figured out.

Yes, they are a bit friendlier. Have been asked how I am doing at the job and my response is ’No one has beaten me up yet.’ Saw a woman sitting on a bench on the university’s grounds and first thought was she was homeless, but no, just someone enjoying so long-delayed milder weather.

The work is well, as I have said is this al there is? The office physical environment, the rules of no food drink at the desk, the uniform. I get that its because such can be had on the factory floor, but in work sites as in life there are differences and trying to make things equal/fair like at this workplace is a fig leaf and also a throwback to a Japan that has ceased to exist for decades.

So what the hell have I gotten myself into?   It doesn’t look good, does it?

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