Oh God, Its Monday

As the  early morning freight train rumbles through this wee burg (shades of My cousin Vinny?) 

Held my piece yesterday but wonder if I should have.  I was going into the local, fake Starbucks and out comes this Japanese girl a student here, who I’ve seen before, and as she walks out, a car pulling in to the lot stops to let her go by
She bows as a Japanese would in Japan to acknowledge the courtesy.  Had the urge to stop her to say this is the U.S. and she doesn’t need to do that.
The other thing that caught my eye was she was waaaaaay overdressed.  Thigh-high boots with matching clothing, all for a Sunday outing in this tiny place?  Suitable if she was still in a large  Japanese city or say NYC, but here?????  Also wanted to tell her that IMHO, she was over dressed to the nth degree for here and if anything, her fashion choice might cause people to snigger instead of appreciate.  But that might have backfired too.
One thing about here, the portions are overly large.  Again in the fake Starbucks, here was a sticky bun for sale big enough for 3 people, but intended for one.  Think that is one reason why outside of the kids in this school, I’ve only seen a half a handful of adults at a healthy weight.


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2 Responses to Oh God, Its Monday

  1. Poor thing—or maybe she knows and just doesn’t care?

    I’ve been reading your Ohio journal and can see the culture shock. (That rush-hour picture was priceless.) It’s a different kind than I still experience after 8 years on the border but find that it never goes away. I live in a cultural wasteland and you must be feeling that too. The good thing is that people in general are friendlier here than back east, and I wonder if it’s like that in Ohio too. People smile more here and start conversations easily instead of the glum faces of CT. People would never make fun of you for your clothes here, in CT people would snigger just because I like to wear hats, they’d call me ‘Indiana Jones’ or something—not even original. And those hats were nothing compared to the western-style cowboy hats I wear here. I used to have this beautiful black cape but ended up giving it away because people would point and laugh and say ‘Zorro’ or something stupid like that. Funny it wasn’t like that when I was growing up, but CT seemed to evolve into a place where conformity was expected.

    I think portions are too large everywhere! I’d much rather pay less and get less—esp. since so much food gets thrown away—something that hurts me to see, esp. if it was once a living creature.

    Yeah people are fat here too–but they were fat back east too–fatness is everywhere.

    I hate the food here—everything is fiery hot and full of lard and they’re clueless on how to make a pizza.

    Is the job part at least OK? Not too boring? Nice people?

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