Do We Really Want New Business?

An OEM is coming here for an audit as part of a decision process on whether to use this company I am now at as a supplier.  The Japanese did a walk-through of the floor and pointed out areas that need attention, I translated.

Afterwards there was discussion about the fine, visible oil mist in the air on the plant floor.  Its there as there is a lot of lathing and grinding of parts and in the back of my mind, a personal concern as while I am not on the floor,  there is  no means of filtering etc., so I am sure it permeates into the office area. So the lingering question for me is, long-term health-wise, working in such is a good thing?
But anyway,  one of the Japanese coordinators opined that Honda, its main customer, doesn’t require them to do anything about it so, why  worry abort what this OEM might say?  I spoke privately with a Japanese nearby and said that was not smart thinking as it shows an unwillingness to modify operations to suit customer demands, i.e., we don’t want your business that badly.
In the semi-ersatz Starbucks in town, I left my copy of last week’s WaPo  Sunday magazine (will miss the crossword) on one of the tables a couple days go and noticed last night, its not been touched.  Neither was the copy of USA Today I left on one of the tables in the company cafeteria yesterday.    So much for kultur.


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