Kind But Cruel

I have found full time employment with full benefits.  The downside is it is a job far below in responsiblity to what I have done and believe I can still do.  Second, the job is in another state,  western Ohio, and in a twist of irony, in the small tinny ‘burg where son goes to school.

My career up to 7  years ago was all government affairs.  It was a job and responsiblity I throughly enjoyed and got great satisfaction from for  being personally responsible or as part of a greater effort to protect my employer’s interests.  This job has nothing to do with it and when put on a resume, its is a downward step.

I have let people I know here  I will at least for the time being, not be here and thought out loud as to why I haven’t been able to find a job that matches my work history and accomplishments.  The is the possibility as I have suspected of age discrimination and perhaps if I could prove it,  “input” from one of my former employers. Another observation was and others have agreed is a cause  is I have no recent track record, or “creds” that would be of interest to a prospective employer.

So while a painful thing to acknowledge,  why couldn’t these people have let me know what they thought a few years earlier and save me the effort of sending in resume after resume and false hope after false hope?  I’ll admit I may have not been ready to accept such, but more than how true this may be, being told this now makes the hurt more acute.

So now I move forward for a job I really am not that thrilled about taking, or as the old Peggy Lee song goes, “Is that all there is?”.  Being not certain if this job will work for me and in fairness, for this new employer, I will go by myself rent someplace and if the job does work out, wife unit will follow; she has her job which she now is in a comfortable groove and as she has no prospects of finding a good job where we are going,  I would think of demanding she drop her life and follow me to an uncertain future in western Ohio.  I do not want the “We left our life in metro DC for this?!!!!!!!”  conversation.

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