Asian Parents (read Mothers)

Had a short conversation with my in-house  Japanese cultural expert(wife unit) a few days ago about a short story on the Fuji Sankei news broadcast on a rise in scammer  crimes in Japan.

Some of these crimes are called ‘ore, ore’ scams (Ore, the extreme casual for of the word ‘me’). In such scams, a person receives a call from someone who claims they are a member of the persons family, hence ‘ore’, meaning, ‘its me’, claim they are in dire straits of some sort and need money.  Of course the person is a total stranger and if money is send then the scam is successful.

A new twist in these scams is parents get a call from someone claiming to know a woman their son has or is going out with, claiming thanks to their son this person is now pregnant and they want money to make things right.

Now as wife unit pointed out, part of this is cultural;  I could not for an instant see a parent heer falling for that.  And if their son is an emancipated minor i.e., an adult, then, ‘hey, you need to talk to our son’ and then the call would end.

In Japan, I realize the culture and relationships between parent and child are different, which is why these scammers can prey on the unwitting.  But I think there is another angle to this as well. I have seen this in wife unit regarding our son too in that a Japanese mother in particular seems more ready to believe the worst in their children, like being told by a total stranger their son/daughter has done something wrong, rather than take the first step of giving the offspring first the benefit of the doubt, check the facts and then decide what to do.

And that as Japanese police statistics show, can be costly.

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