Good Intentions and Unintended Consequences

Youngest brother has/had a car, a ’02 Buick, which he has let sit and sit and sit at what is now his home.

He had planned to sell it to me  in 2013, but dithered (he is very much his mother’s child) and I was forced to go into debt and get a new car.

Recently he decided he was ready to part with this vehicle as I suppose he just got tired of paying for insurance and tags for a car I don’t believe he’s driven in 2 or 3 years.  So pick up the title and vehicle, go through retitling and getting temp tags for VA and then go to get the vehicle safety (in VA, once a year) and emissions (for select counties here) inspection done.

Get a call for the repair shop telling me the brakes and rotors need replacing (the vehicle has 66k on the odo) and the intake manifold gasket (the reason why the check engine light was on) needed replacing- all for $1150.  That is a big hunk of change aggravated that there is only one source of income right now and that amount is approximately 2/3  of the car’s residual value.

So while speaking to the man who runs the repair shop, he out of the blue offers to buy it off me, fix it himself and of course he’ll resell it.  The cash offer for the car was a lot more than I had invested in it, so  what to do was pretty much a slam dunk.  Whew!

Appreciate what lil  brother wanted to do, though I believe it wasn’t totally altruistic, but as in many things in life, there are unintended consequences which  need to be thought about before doing something.

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