Gasoline on the Fire

Comfort women is for those not familiar with term, a euphemistic term used to describe women, mainly Korean, but also folks, caucasian women taken as civilian POWs, who were pressed into service as prostitutes during WWII,  by the Japanese military for the Imperial armed forces.

For the Koreans especially this is a sore point in the already egg-fragile relationship it has with Japan.  A now, a couple of days ago, there was this.

This isn’t the first time this has happened and what makes this so egregious is that while there are those in any country who for example, deny The Holocaust happened, these people are outliers, not senior government officials or senior members of a major public organization as has happened over and over in Japan.  And what this even more egregious is this person, the head of the Japanese equivalent of the BBC, NHK claims the same situation, that is young women forced into prostitution a government, existed in other places, he mentioned France for example.

The Japanese just can’t seem to learn.

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2 Responses to Gasoline on the Fire

  1. Totally agree with your opinion. Thanks for the posting.

    • The sad part is that due part to Japan’s continued insularity and never been forced to come to terms for the horrible things done in WWII, these things continue to happen.From what I know, remember from living in Japan, attemps to speak the truth are drowned out by the rightist thugs and their enablers. And the Japanese wonder why they are not taken seriously internationally?

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