No Love Lost…..

Japan-Korean relations have to me, been very complicated.  n the one hand, there is economic cooperation and also intense competition and on the other, just plan bad blood, as evidenced in this recent article here over a bill that would force public school textbooks to change the name of the body of water that separates the two countries.

I might add that the origins of this bill could very well come  from the fact that the more populous Northern Virgina counties do have a sizeable Korean population = votes.

For those not that familiar with the history between the two peoples, it isn’t good.  Japan invaded Korea in the 16th Century ( and there is a monument n Kyoto of all places, Mimizuka, its called, as part of the heritage).  Japan also was the colonial master of all of Korea from 1911 to 1945, and Japan was a harsh colonial master.

From wife unit, I get doses of perhaps a typical Japanese, less than enlightened  view of Koreans when say, we are driving through a ‘little Seoul’ and she complains about the ‘stink’.

The Koreans for their part return the ‘favor’.  Remember well something I heard, reflecting the difference in eating habits, that goes, ‘Only beggars and Japanese raise their rice bowl to their mouth.


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