Why It Pays to Think Critically

There were 2 phone calls this morning from an unknown number, in the second call, the caller in a heavily accepted voiced claimed to be an IRS agent (i.e., the tax man) and further claiming there is a problem with wife unit’s tax return and demanded a return call.

The gullible, the over-trusting and the unknowledgeable would probably hurriedly return the call and soon be parted with $$$$.  But it is a scam because:

If it was a legitimate IRS inquiry over a filed tax return, the IRS would first contact by U.S. mail, not by phone.  Second as we file our tax returns jointly, it is very irregular for the IRS to state there is a problem with one party’s tax return when it is filed by both.

I reported the number, not to the IRS, but to a separate government body responsible for this and yes, they were aware of a 347 area code used by scammers.  The problem is, finding the number and then being patient enough to listen to 2 minutes of prerecorded prompts requires a great deal of patience, patience I suspect many who call to report don’t have and  they may just plain give up; which of course plays into the hands of the scammers.

Am a great believer in what goes around comes back around, and hope such awaits all those involved in these scams.

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