Think Someone is Trying to say Something Here?


What you are viewing are our next door neighbors trash  containers, thrown upon their lawn this morning by someone.

Before rising out of bed this morning, I heard a loud sound and thought an animal had gotten into our trash container (even though its empty) and tipped it over, but opened the front door and saw this.

Now these neighbors habitually leave their trash containers out and on the roadside after trash has been collected.  In this case, the first weekly trash collection was 2 days ago and the second weekly trash collection will be tomorrow.

Besides the adults, there is a next year to be college bound (?) young man and two other boys nearly through with elementary school,  all old enough to take on bringing in the trash containers on the same day trash is collected- like everyone else.

And  putting aside the unsightliness of this, there is also the thoughtlessness of creating an unnecessary traffic hazard to drivers by leaving all this on the road after the trash collectors have come and done their job.

Don’t know who did this, but there’s someone out there not happy with these people.

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