Just Give Me the Epidural!

Had an unplanned and painful visit to the hospital ER last night.  The culprit; a kidney stone attack, the 1st one I’ve had in over 30 years.

Prior to last night, I noticed symptoms that seemed to suggest, but, nah,  after all these years I thought/denied.

Then at about 5:30 pm,   the pain started.  The best way to describe it is imagine being hit very, very hard in the testicles.  The pain radiated from one to the area in the corresponding kidney.  Once experienced, the pain is not forgettable and when the attack came, I knew what it was.

The first thought was to just tough out the wave of pain- it would subside at some point after the nerves got over the shock of a stone going down a bit in the urethra. But after about an hour or so and throwing up until there was no more to throw up  and then more dry heaves(another symptom of a kidney stone attack),  I realized I was not going to ride this out without some assistance; i.e., hospital grade pain-killers.

I’m home alone however.  Son Unit has gone to pick up Wife Unit at work. Call Son Unit’s cell, no answer; call Wife Unit’s cell phone, also no answer, call Son Unit’s cell again; no answer.  Now I am getting  a bit desperate and think of calling 911 (am in too much pain to drive myself to the hospital) but then that would leave Wife & Son Unit wondering where the hell I am.  Call a neighbor is another option, and that would get Wife Unit upset over being embarrassed by it all.  Make another call to Wife Unit’s cell, still no answer.  Then about 40 seconds later, my cell phone rings and its Son Unit, a bit annoyed over the  repeated calls attempting to tell me, and I cut him off managing to croak out I need to be taken to the hospital now (they were about 8 miles away).

The message sinks in they get back home, load me into the car, take to the nearest emergency room, and while on the way, I think of all the nights to have to go into an emergency room, Friday night is only superseded by Saturday night in bad timing.

Cannot walk or even think straight through the pain, but eventually I am given pain medication via IV and slowly the pain subsides and I am left drifting in and out of consciousness from the medication.  I believe I have not been in the ER for that long, but Wife and Son Unit tell me later we were there for several hours.

Prior to release, I in my muddled state of mind am given papers to sign explaining that was done the medication and prescription for medications for the next attack.  I could have been signing away the unborn souls of my grandchildren as loopy as I was.

Today I feel fine, but now know I have a 5 mm stone lodged in the urethra and 4, 2mm stones in one kidney, all of which will have to pass.

Oh joy.

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2 Responses to Just Give Me the Epidural!

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    Ouch! I’m glad you are feeling better now. Can’t they “zap” the ones in your kidney?

  2. Actually saw my urologist today and for the remainding stones, his advice is leave well enough alone for now.

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