Scratch the Surface and You’ll Still Find ちょん髷 & ふんどし

Another  reminder if this was a  broadcast earlier this week by Fujisankei on The Pill.  Now up to 1998 (when I returned home from Japan)  The Pill was still not legally available to Japanese women as a contraceptive option, due to head in the sand, benighted “thinking” by those in the power (men, BTW) in Japan.

So while I do not know when The Pill was made legally available to Japanese women,  what raised the eyebrows with me was the broadcast cited data from a study from the early 2000’s to present in which there were less than 10 (7, I believe) deaths attributed to use of  The Pill.

Now any death from any medication is a problem, but given context; Japan’s resistance to The Pill ( it would not surprise me to learn Japan has been one of the last of the industrialized nation to legalize its use) for contraception and myths bandied about on its supposed dangers, the attempt as I saw it, to use the data from the study as a statically significant indicator of a public health danger is……….only in Japan.

An aside to this is part of the orientation I and other students were given prior to commencing our studies in Kansai, waay back in the day.

The story went as follows.  There was a female student in a previous batch of students from abroad at this university, who was homestaying with a Japanese family, who had a daughter.  This family also had what is called a ‘Kumitori” 汲取りtoilet (have no idea how to translate that into English; ‘outhouse’ is the closest, but not very accurate).

Now one day when during the periodic  empting of the contents, the technician came to the door and asked if there was someone ill in the house as the contents had an unusual smell (besides the other prevailing odor).  On investigation, the family discovered their boarder, the female student, was using the Pill (assume she brought a supply with her) and as this was considered to be a bad influence on the daughter, the boarder was asked to leave.

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