Carry & Conceal

As I sit in this hotel room on the campus of son unit’s university, where the outside temperature is below freezing to begin with and actually much lower due to the strong northwesterly wind that blows unimpeded.

My one brother, Pound Salt owns a number of firearms and also has been granted by the State of Ohio, a permit to carry in public, concealed a firearm, called a carry and conceal permit (or is it the other way around?).

Stopped by his house on the way to my destination here and as we were going out to supper, at a local Bob Evans, he decided he would exercise his right (which in not absolute in the State of Ohio) to pack a small pistol in a holster, in his front pants pocket.

Pointed out to him he was taking a huge risk  if the gun discharged and the bullet severed his femoral artery,  he could very well bleed to death.


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