Saw yet another on-line job posting  from a transportation authority called MARTA and started  to apply, but there were 2 warning flags.

One was a mandatory fill in box for the Social Security number.  Well, perhaps they’ll need that for a background check, I thought and obliged.  I have seen some job postings, but not very many, which ask/require the applicant’s SSN. And as I’ve just said,  this information can be used by the employer to run a background check on an applicant.

But moving on in the application process, there was the obligatory EEOC information which has always meant race & gender and sometimes military veteran staus, but in this case and this was the first I’ve seen of this,  DOB (date of birth) was required.

Whoaaa!.  Because ageism is one thing an employer cannot do and providing DOB provides definitive info on an applicant’s age, and coupled with the applicant’s SSN,  and given many years ago, my identity was stolen, this was more information I am willing to give, especially on-line.

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One Response to Skittish

  1. Whoa! I admit i would be leery to to give up this information online myself.

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