Burka Alert

A term I thought of  as I watch this vid clip, sent by a friend.

I used it as a general term to describe  something, in this case from Japan, that supposedly is for the benefit of women but actually, hampers, hobbles or otherwise puts women at a disadvantage vis a vis men.

No to give it away, but the story is that in Japan (and I’d say China & Korea as well) it is considered bad manners for a woman to open her mouth widely, be it to have a good laugh or eat, conventions that do not apply to men. So the “dilemma” is how should the Japanese woman properly enjoy a good old fashioned, hearty hamburger.  And the video provides the “answer”

As said in a previous post, scratch the surface and you’ll still find  topknots(ちょん髷)  & loincloths(ふんどし).

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2 Responses to Burka Alert

  1. Talk about not wasting a marketing opportunity. Sigh

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