I’ll Have My Corvette, Dammit, No Matter What

The Chevrolet Corvette is the ultimate, dream car of the American male.  The car all about brute power with perhaps a nod to nimbleness & handling.  Its also has been and still is  priced beyond the reach of most young men own (and impress) and even if the price tag isn’t an issue, the insurance rates for owning one is another formidable deterrent.

So its no surprise to me when I see, and not too infrequently either, new Corvettes here driven by older men, men who I see has having reached a point now when they can have if just for once, the cars of their youthful dreams.

No criticism implied of course, but sometimes you wonder about the practicality of such, as I witnessed yesterday while at a local Whole Foods to get coffee.  A driver ahead of me, in a new Corvette, older than I by say 10 years, parked his car and then slowly and awkwardly (and perhaps painfully)got out.  I say slowly and awkwardly as the Corvette, due to its low height and seats, does not lend itself to a graceful entry or exit by those whose limbs have become stiff and who are a bit on the overweight side, as this gentleman was.

Said to myself, there is a car which will be up for sale sometime in the near future.

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2 Responses to I’ll Have My Corvette, Dammit, No Matter What

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    LOL – I love the image I have of this guy getting out.

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