Damn Spyalert

It took about 2 weeks and 3 separate attempts by the person who I asked to remove the Spyalert malware from my desktop, but it done!  The first attempt supposedly removed Spyalert, but through the anti-virus program I have, Avast!  I could see the malware resurrected itself somehow and when I got on certain webpages, the symptoms; loads of annoying pop-ups, re-appeared.

The solution seemed to be an anti-malware program unknown to me, RougeKiller which did the job. No more pop-ups and the PC does not moan like the wind as it did when the Spyalert malware was still in it. And I escaped with just $40 dollars  in costs, far less than say The Geek Squad (who tried to talk me into buying an external hardrive- something that probably is a good thing to have, but not at their prices) and Staples.

So while the hell did I download it?  It appeared on  one of my  Google gadgets(which no longer exists as iGoogle no longer exists), so thought (wrongly) the software had been vetted…… Another lesson to learn.

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4 Responses to Damn Spyalert

  1. Yeah, these are sneaky little so-and-so. Had one on my office computer (of all places), which disguised itself as a “java update” prompt, appearing at random when I entered an address. Hopefully, it was easily squashed but I dread having to deal with this on my own PC…

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