SpyAlert……… an Alert

Am composing this not on my desktop as I most often do, but my laptop instead; the desktop is away to have an insidious malware program purged from it.

The malware is called Spyalert, and a download link appeared  on one of my Google gadgets  and figured it had been vetted, so I downloaded.

Running the program, I saw it wasn’t worth the trouble, so I went to the control panel; and uninstalled the program; or so I thought.

Nope, the program still lurks and runs despite running Avast! & Malwarebytes.  It has hijacked my browser and either causes the webpages I call up to be incorrectly displayed or when the pages are displayed correctly, fills them with pop-up ads.

Only then did I go on-line, Google Spyalert and learned what it actually is-malware in sheep’s clothing.

So the desktop is in the “shop” as I just said, to purge the malware.  Besides the cost I will incur, I am kicking myself for being less savvy than I consider myself to be.

Moral, when on the web, doubt, doubt, doubt.



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