Posting for Posting’s Sake

Been slow and with the shorter days meaning dark mornings and not much progress in finding another means to earn a living, not much incentive to write.

But in perspective, there are those far worse of;  the neighbor across the street, who was diagnosed with ALS  she could someday be told by her doctor her disease has suddenly turned aggressive and….

Have toyed with the idea of pretty much cleaning out my IRA to pay off the remaining balance on the mortgage, which would provide me with latitude in a job search as I won’t need a much a salary as I would need now…

Son unit being as hard-headed as ever  refused offers to buy him a small space heater for his apt room; there is no other source of heat.  See the morning temperature where he is was a chilly 32 degrees (0 for those who suffer under the Celsius rating) and  well if he said he didn’t need one then, he’ll need one now.

From the Only in Japan Dept.  As I watched the Japanese language news service yesterday, there was a story on the recent typhoon-induced landslide and loss of life on Izu Oshima.  The local city office was faxed(!!!) from Tokyo, a warning of possible landslides due to the heavy rains and this fax sat for several hours.  The story seemed to point its finger at the city office as being negligent.  Wait a frickin minute. Who in this day and age of e-mails, texting and cell phones bothers to send a fax, especially when the need to communicate  is urgent???!!!!!!  Just goes to show me Japan really does not understand technology.

Using  the Kindle my son gave me, I downloaded and read quickly a  book on my to read list, The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua. After reading it, had she been the mother of my children, I would have divorced her and made sure all visits to the children were supervised by child protective services.




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