I’m taking a holiday from the news with the government shutdown looming as that is what will be ad nauseum, the only news story covered.  Unlike many, many,  I do not believe the sky will fall  should the government shut down.  Indeed I believe a shutdown, and a prolonged one would be refreshing/eye-opening in that it will underscore just how overly dependent the American people( or should I say the sheepeople) have become since Roosevelt on decisions made out of a cocoon, geographically bastard,  artificial, unrepresentative entity.  Out of this I would hope would come discussion on how to make the American people less sheepeople and more like people, by paring back what the federal government tries to do, but does in most cases, badly.

I also believe Obama is very much responsible for this as he decided to use the knee-jerk majority in both houses of Congress to short-sightedly ram the Obamacare bill through and cut the Republican out, meaning now they have no vested interest in it and every reason to see it repealed.

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