Hustling and Being Annoying

For some good cardio/blood sugar exerscie,  on Sundays, I walk either to the nearby convenience store or to a recently opened, and what I thought was a 24/7 drug store to get my Sunday edition of the WaPo (which I mostly leave unread, save for the Sunday magazine, the local section and the comics).

Turns out the drugstore is not 24/7 and I arrived just as the owner/manager came in at 7 to unlock the doors.  Got my Sunday paper and on an impulse asked if the store carried international telephone calling cards with the thought of calling a friend in Japan.  The store does not carry what I need and while being directed to the display the manager asked if I had/wanted/needed/ a flu shot.

First of all, I don’t believe flu shots are effective and I also do not get sick very often (but when I do…..).  I can understand the business hustle of the question, but for me it was very annoying.

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