I Work Harder Than….

Wife unit was railing once again about those around her in the store who do not work up to what she feels is doing work, or others, like one woman whose sole function in the store is to hand out samples to customers.

Rather than point out just because one physically works harder than others doesn’t detract from their overall value, I kept quiet as it does one little good to argue with a telephone pole or poles.

This misconception about contribution of brawn or brain as a measure of how hard- or not-one works even finds itself in song, for example Bruce Springsteen’s Death to My Hometown.

Sure physically some to labor harder than others, but there is also a correlation (for the most part) between how hard one physically labors and the degree of personal responsibility, how far one can fall if one fails and the possibility of recovery should one fail.  A reason why reviled business executives are paid what they are paid as they do not have in and out 9 to 5 jobs (more like 24/7 family etc., be damned) and the risks they take in making decisions and the consequences should thing now go as planned or hoped can be frightening.

But and again this is the important point for those would-be equal outcomers, the fault that lies on bough sides of the divide is the failure to recognize how symbiotic the relationship is.  The blue collar worker on the assembly line, the counter clerk at a McDonalds cannot be without say a product planning executive or business managers, who in turn cannot be without those in the trenches.

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