Catching Up

Been hard to write of late.  Partly as there hasn’t seemed to be much to write about, perhaps due to the funk of having little better to do other than sit at home and try to keep myself amused by what I have come to regard as nursing home level cable TV programming.   Not much stimuli to put one in a better frame of mind; in fact, to escape I suppose, I am not even home as I write this.

Since the last project ended abruptly at the end of June, I am still not employed; there have been fits and starts and hope the telephone will ring, but nothing.

Another reason to have full-time employment was a recent decision by my bank of many years, to deny my application for renewal of a home-equity line of credit (which as very low interest rates) as combined income is not up to standards they deemed sufficient.  Am appealing as I have deposits with the bank, a house that is now valued at twice what we paid for it in 1998 and to my pleasant surprise, a stellar credit rating.  So I am appealing. But if I also had full-time employment, the exercise would be unnecessary.

Son unit is now in his senior year and also not in a dorm.  Partly as he needed a place to stay for a local summer internship, and partly to leave his roommate of 3 years behind, he’s in an apt., which compared to the amenities of the dorms, is quite a step backwards and he has to put up with the cat, 2 ferrets and gold fish the original renter, a woman has, but he’s closer to his classes and store for shopping and on the whole happier.

He unloaded a bit about now ex-roomie while we were up there a week or so ago; a lot of small things that snowballed.  One example is the small microwave he brought with him and let roomie use.  He doesn’t need it now and asked we take it back.  Opened the door and the inside of the microwave looked as if several spaghetti bombs had gone off; it also took quite a bit of effort to clean it up.

His next few months need to be focused on starting now to find a job after graduation, or opt of another year at school and spend that in Japan.

Both choices have pros & cons.  The biggest worry for me is while a year in Japan would be invaluable, it would take him out of the job market here big time. But it is in the end his choice, not mine, to make.

Look around me and I see either retirees, bored housewives or perhaps students.  Hmmm.

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