Detroit Time

Is where I am at the moment, but in 24 hours will be back home.
Wife unit wanted to attend as she did last year, some cult-like Japanese “healing” workshop in the ‘burbs of Detroit and wanted someone to hold her hand and help drive….. Now she has GPS nav, so I suppose she’ll have to make do. She panics easily. By contrast, while I made my share of mistakes when I was in this part of the country on business, I learned the roads eventually.
Me, well I’ve never seen the Henry Ford museum, which has as 2 of its “star” pieces, the limo President Kennedy rode in when he was shot (and seeing what could be seen of the interior, I was struck by just how crude the amenities seem) and the chair Lincoln sat in when he was assassinated; and looking closely, you can discern dark spots on the fabric, which most likely are now 100m + years old. It’d be fascinating I think to take a snippet of the fabric and do a DNA analysis.
Also toured what is known in the auto industry as The Rouge, shorthand for the Rouge River Factory, from which Henry Ford spewed out car after car. For a gearhead, going there is a bit like a pilgrimage; its where it all started in a way. Interesting in to walk above the assembly line floor without some young lady busily shepherding on along the way to keep up with ‘the schedule’, but I believe from what I saw, Ford has really learned very little from Toyota in how to assemble cars.
Part of the reason may be this, spotted on the flight inbound.

image (10)

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